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Welcome to Melody Bay Productions. This is where creativity is valued and energized. We offer the ability to record audio, video, promote and represent your project. Find out more.

Our Mission

“Melody Bay Productions is devoted to the creation and promotion of original music and video productions. Our goal is to bring great value to every relationship and maximize the creative talent of every client.”

Our Services

At Melody Bay Production, you’ll find both creative and production services:

Audio and Video Example

Audio Recordings


The recording studio at Melody Bay Productions incorporates both “state of the art” and vintage technology to give the artist the widest range of sound options for their audio recordings.

Having our own in-house recording studio, located in the Twin Cities, Minnesota, allows us to give the artist as much studio time as needed for their projects while being cost effective as well.



Our team of video production specialists have the tools to help bring your vision to life. Whether it’s for creative artists or commercial business, our team is able to devote the resources necessary to design the perfect visual media to represent your brand or business. We provide video production services in-house and on location throughout Minneapolis, Saint Paul and the surrounding Twin Cities Metro area.

The Sraw Rockes



Original Music Recording & Videos

The Straw Rockets group was formed to write and record the soundtrack for a musical called “Steppin’ into the Street.”

The videos were filmed right here in the studio and on sites in the Minneapolis & Saint Paul (Twin Cities), MN and surrounding areas.  

Press here to watch and listen by visiting out store or subscribe to our channel on YouTube. Sit back & enjoy.

elody Bay Recording

,, LLC

Melody Bay Productions, LLC

 Original Music or well-known tunes.  Great audio recordings.  Video Production.  All done. The next step in the journey is protecting the project, legally, the distribution and PR. That’s when you need a dependable record label that can take you on that journey and ,make it a smooth ride. Melody Bay Records, located in the Twin Cities of MN, serving Minneapolis & Saint Paul and surrounding areas, delivers just what you need when you need it.

MBR Recording Label

To learn more about the process, press here. 

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