Melody Bay Productions, LLC is a creative Musical Publishing Group Organization offering  complete scripts, musical scores and soundtracks, with or without lyrics and licensing for selected, original works. The musical licensing package comes complete and includes 


Original Musical Script

  • Acquire printed or digital scripts and music directly from Melody Bay Productions
  • No middle party
  • Roaylty fees available upon rquest
  • Regional exclusivity can be provided
  • Contracted
  • Playright available for coordination and consultation

Original Musical Sheet Music

  • Acquire printed or USB sheet music for band orchestra production directly from Melody Bay Productions, LLC.
  • No middle party
  • Royalty Fees available upon request
  • Regional exclusivity can be provided

Original Musical Soundtrack

  • Recorded music links or USB available
  • Tracks provided with or without vocalsNo middle party
  • Available on CD
  • All music is original and wholly owned by Melody Bay Productions.


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James Gutzman

James Gutzman

President, Melody Bay Productions, LLC

James Gutzman, producer, musician and composer is a native Minnesotan. . As a producer, Jim built his first music studio in Ann Arbor, Michigan. It was here that he began composing seriously for a band he was beginning to develop on paper. Jim returned to Minnesota and established a professional recording studio and production company, Melody Bay Productions, LLC. In 2017, Jim and Alex Twum begin developing music for an original musical ‘Steppin Into The Street and an accompanying album “Put Some On The Plate.”  In 2021, Jim collaborated with playwright Tom David Barna to write the book for a new original musical, PEOPLE R READY–The Musical.  The new musical is to be produced under the auspices of Melody Bay Productions, LLC and is currently in development, to include an accompanying soundtrack. It is Jim’s ambition to make the script and music (both recorded and with sheet music) available to theatre companies, university/college theatre programs, high school theatre programs and local and community theatre companies.

Jim is a native Minnesotan. He has been involved in music all of his life, performing professionally across the country as a drummer/vocalist. His musical gifts include being an accomplished drummer, vocalist and stage performer/musician. While he enjoys performing, working in the recording studio and composing music, his greatest passion is creating original music. PEOPLE R READY-The Musical is the brainchild of Jim and was in development for over three years.

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